Zhong Jun Zhao

Nanning, Guangxi, China

About Zhong Jun

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Born after Maodeath in a poor family in the rural area of South China. Lived with ugly clothes and less food. Graduated from Guangxi University in 2000 and started to work in a mining company as a mining tecnician. In 2006 I went to work as Mine site manager in a mining company in the Philippines for one and half year, the went back to work Mine department deputy manager in China for half of a year. By the end of 2008 I came to work in a mining company in South Africa as Production Manager, Assitant General Manager, and Genral Manager of a mine til now.

Areas of Expertise


An idea worth spreading

How poor people live better----I was born in a poor family in a poor area. I see poor people suffering since my eyes opened. I see poor people in China, Philippines, and South Africa. I feel so sorry for them, I want to help but I am not rich, and I need to feed my ouw family. I found that poor people in different area have differen life styles and if they have chance to learn with each other, they will live more better.----I try to tell poor people around me how poor people in the other place live, what they can learn with and live better.

I'm passionate about

Any good idea that can fresh me.


Guangxi University

My TED story

Can't remember when, I downloaded and watched TED talks just because I want to improve my English with them, didn't care about their ideas. Day after day, I learn different ideas and open my mind.