Brooke Kurashewich

Student in High School
Lancaster, CA, United States

About Brooke


Hello I am Brooke and I am a 15 year old Sophomore in highschool. I take honors and Advanced Placement class, I also love art and my passion sport will always be swim. Ever since a child I have always wanted to go into the Science fields because throughout my childhood I have loved astronomy and every sort of biology. I have no clue what career I would go into if I wasn't planning on astronomy or some sort of biology. Right now I have is narrowed down to Cellular and Marine but any sort would be amazing to do as a living.



An idea worth spreading

Everyone should read Science Fiction books because they make you realize how big of a universe we life in and how little we have yet to explore. Space exploration is huge and in my opinion, beneficial.

I'm passionate about

I love art, swim, and travel. The biggest thing that picks me up from being sad is art, swim is my main source of fitness and I love a team setting.

My TED story

Several of my teachers showed me some TED videos and I began to watch them online myself, and spread them to my family members. I think TED is a wonderful organization for the world.

Comments & conversations

Brooke Kurashewich
Posted over 1 year ago
If the cure for mortality is found within your lifetime, would you go for it and become immortal?
I'm 15 and I think I might take it. That is if I felt healthy and not like my bones were decaying inside of me. It depends on a lot of factors overall. How does this effect a person physically and physiologically? I feel like 80-100 years on Earth is not enough time. Sometimes I feel sad about how short life is and how I won't be able to see or do as much as I would like to. Either way I feel like it would be both good and bad. We couldn't have just anyone living forever, oh god no. Although, maybe it would be nice. Depends on how other people find it. I wouldn't be the first to try, but I definitely wouldn't be the first to reject.