About Nicholas


As a teacher of 12 years, I have grown to see the value of technology in the classroom. I obtained a Masters Degree in Educational Technology from Central Michigan University to give me the tools that I need to help the students in my classroom. I became an expert in the field of educational technology and am now hoping to play a wider role in helping more than just the students in my classroom. By moving to an administrative role, I will be able to build a framework that will assist all students and staff to effectively integrate technology into their lives, making them 21st Century learners and leaders. In 2013, MACUL and ISTE both recognized me as their Teacher of Year. I'm excited to enter a new role that will allow me to help even more students and staff. You can find out more about me on my Visual CV - VisualCV.com/TheNerdyTeacher

Areas of Expertise

Educational Technology , Education , Social Media

An idea worth spreading

Students need to be given more control of their learning. The role of the teacher as the "sage on the sage" is at an end and the focus needs to be turning teachers into the "guide on the side". The more that I have embraced Project Based Learning and the more I have allowed students to take more control of their education, I have seen better performance from my struggling learners and my strongest students. Once students feel like they control their learning, great things happen.

I'm passionate about

Teaching and taking risks in the classroom. I'm always looking to push the envelop to engage my students in fun and exciting ways to learn. TEDxGrossePointeSouthHS is the perfect example of that idea.

Talk to me about

Education and the ways technology can create exciting new learning opportunities.

People don't know I'm good at

remembering every episode of Saved by the Bell. It's a disease. One day it will come in handy. One day...

My TED story

I wanted to do something for my students that they would remember. Putting together a TEDx event for them to share their ideas seemed like something awesome. I'm excited to see the amazing talks my students are going to share with the world.