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Bora Yoon is an award-winning Korean-American vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer who addresses the dimensionality of space and sound in her work. She creates immersive architectural soundscapes using digital devices, voice, and found objects and instruments from different cultures and centuries to create immersive musical experiences for the stage, visual art, film, and dance.

Non-discriminate of the boundaries which separate Music, Sound, and Noise, Yoon explores where sound connects with the subliminal using the human voice, viola, ancient Tibetan singing bowls, cell phones, radios, metronomes, bike bells, walkie-talkies, Bible pages, water, gramophones, the human voice, field recordings, and electronics, utilizing the sonic palette as a timbre language to evoke memory and association, to create nonverbal storytelling through music, and experiential sound design.

Featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal and in WIRE magazine for her musical innovations. Yoon has presented her unique experimental soundwork internationally at Lincoln Center, Nam June Paik Museum (Seoul), Patravadi Theatre (Bangkok), Brooklyn Academy of Music, Walker Art Center, Festival of World Cultures (Poland), the Singapore Arts Festival, and the Edinburgh International Festival performing the live score for the multimedia staged adaptation of Haruki Murkami's "Wind Up Bird Chronicle".

She has been commissioned by Samsung, SAYAKA Chorale of Tokyo; published by Journal of Popular Noise, Boosey & Hawkes, and MIT Press; and awarded by the American Music Center, the Asian American Arts Alliance, and the New York Foundation for the Arts.



Korean, Spanish, English


  • Ithaca College; Music, Creative Writing

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Musician + Sound Architect Composer / Vocalist/ Sound Artist

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A ‘Sunken Cathedral': Bora Yoon’s new album builds musical architecture out of sound, sight and theatrical experience

May 16, 2014

Bora Yoon builds soundscapes out of instruments and found objects from assorted centuries and cultures, weaving an unlikely and undulating web of immersive sound. As a live performer, the Korean-American composer, vocalist and sound architect often seeks interesting spaces in which to work, creating music specifically for each site. Now she’s created Sunken Cathedral, a multimedia album that lets listeners […]

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Live From Ted

From 3D animated molecules to tethered kite-copters: A recap of the TED2014 Fellows Talks, Session 1

March 17, 2014

With the TED Fellows, expect the unexpected: 3D animated molecules, tethered quadcopter cameras, death row inmates turned lawyers, quantum chaos. It’s the fifth-anniversary edition of TED Fellows talks, live from Vancouver, and here’s what happened in Session 1. Usman Riaz, musician + artist The Fellows stage comes to life quietly with the melodic strains of […]

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