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Edlyn Ruiz
Posted over 1 year ago
Is having a social class inevitable?
I believe the gap between the rich and the poor will always exist because of people's different experiences. I believe this gap will continue because the gap is greater than just social class, it also relates to the gap between education, experiences, and other things that exist in rich/poor societies. I think this is a problem that should be left unsolved because we cannot try and force everyone to be the same because some people are willing to put in more of an effort than others. This would also decrease people's willingness to go above and beyond because they would not be rewarded for their extra work...what would their incentive be? I am not saying that people only work hard because they expect to be recognized, but there is a level of reward that one expects as a result of out struggles and hard work they have invested into something. Therefore, although I think this isn't something that we should try and fix -- I do believe it is something that people can move up/down in classes depending on their willingness to work hard and/or their experiences.