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Alexxis Brown
Posted over 1 year ago
Sport as a school of life: What Values, Virtues and Principles Sports teach us ?
I don't believe that sports are completely responsible for helping someone develop into the person they want to be. Sports are only a catalyst. In my experience my involvement in sports allowed me to become a more social person. By interacting with people who were interested in being physically fit, having fun, and learning how to achieve and succeed at something, it allowed me to become a better person. I learned how to be a leader and help motivate people to become the best version of themselves because I had to teach myself how to do those things for me. As an athlete, you have to pressure yourself to be better and to do better each time you go out and compete. I ran track in high school and I could always tell the difference between someone who was dedicated to improving and someone who was content to be complacent. Those interested in improving always took the time to encourage others and cheer on their teammates. The runners who weren't interested didn't pay attention to anything and always complained about having to practice, but wanted to participate in meets that got them out of school early. So, being an athlete doesn't always make you a better person. The effort and the drive you have to be a "Successful athlete," is what helps you gain qualities that make you into a better person.