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Posted 9 months ago
How to become a mathematician?
As mentioned before, you can use Khan Academy and AoPS (Art of Problem Solving). This info should be pretty reliable, as I'm saying this from experience. As a basic guideline, Khan Academy teaches you all you need to know, and AoPS demonstrates how you can use that knowledge to excel (although AoPS teaches the basics too). For economics, there are videos on Khan Academy, although I can't really vouch for them because I've never done them before. And if you're looking for a job (again, can't vouch for this advice because I haven't done it myself), then, based on what branch of math you're interested in most and maybe another thing you like (you'd be surprised how many things math is related to), pick a direction to head in and work from there. With the vast variety of resources available to you on the Internet and the local opportunities you might have (like the math and science circles mentioned) and some hard work, you should be on the path to what you want. Good luck and hope this helps! :)