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Carl Iverson
Posted 11 months ago
Is there really a difference between a robot and soldier making a kill?
A robot making a kill and a human making a kill, I believe, has a difference. Robots or computers are given a command to follow and execute on the level of being absolute. These machines will execute those commands, if you will, without question. If you want a computer to somehow question a command thrown at it, you have to literally program variables for it to calculate or consider but it will push though the programming to absolutely execute the command. Basically, think about it in terms of being simply black and white, yes or no, execure or don't execute the command without thinking about the gray areas in the middle. Grey areas meaning what are the situations, stipulations, ethical, morale, or considerations about the command given which requires deep thought about the process. Humans, however, are more complex than that and can fathom the grey areas. When you come across situations in the real world, humans will consider the situation, stipulations, ethical issues, morale issues, and go into deep thought about what should really be done. Humans can even utilize their emotions about the command which can factor how it should be done in a good or bad way. Maybe someday in the future, computers and robots will be able to be on this level but only time will tell. In my opinion, in our time right now, this cannot be done yet.