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Richard Martin
Posted 9 months ago
The Internet: Has it made us more or less social?
I think it all depends on the individual and how they use social media. I like to think of social networks basically as online journals or diaries that everyone can see and comment on. That is why I think social networking tends to be a more reliable measure of who a person really is. Extroverts will use social media to become more extroverted while introverts will use it to become more introverted. I don't think the internet has necessarily made us less social but it's given us a new way to be social. We may not talk in person as much as we used too but we do communicate with one another more than we ever have. Take the invention of the telephone for example. Before the telephone was invented we pretty much had no other option but to communicate with one another face to face. After the telephone was invented you could just pick up the phone and call anyone you want (or anyone else that had a phone).