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Goshen, IN, United States

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Austin Stephens
Posted about 1 year ago
Do you believe you can achieve quality by producing more (quantity)?
No. With quantity, the goal is mainly to acquire the most in the least amount of time. Quality, however, is attributed to the scale of excellence of an object. Usually, quality is lost when attempting quantity. Therefore, you could theorize that the higher the quantity, the lower the quality. But human nature refutes this. It is our nature to improve what we repeatedly do, summed up by the phrase "Practice makes perfect". As we continually create, we make improvements to our creations. So, in time, the quality can improve without losing quantity. But you have asked for the reverse. It is probable that when reproducing, say, a chair, that a carpenter may improve in speed as he learns how the wood fits together, but he will never improve the quality while increasing the quantity of chairs produced yearly. Therefore, no, you cannot achieve quality by producing more quantity.