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Vanessa Tiele
Posted over 1 year ago
Are video games art? How can we convince people of its potential and help it evolve?
I think it is really difficult to define art and the definition of art is constantly changing. Video games touch a lot of the current definitions. Joseph Beuys' definition of social sculpture for example states that an artist begins a sculpture and then others can contribute to them. That constantly happens with video games. People design their own characters and create things like armor, houses etc. for others to download. Games like Minecraft make the people create whole worlds. That is just a small aspect. The designers of video games put a lot of effort into creating a world, a story and they often criticize or portrait society and make you think about it. Therefore video games are far more than just wasted time. It depends on the game how many artistic aspects you can find in them. Most people who criticize video games also never even tried them and just heard about them in the media.