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yasmeen K.
Posted over 1 year ago
Is imagination a more valuable asset than knowledge?
It is generaly accepted that imagination is creating new technology. In my opinion, imagination and knowledge are similar in valuable properties. Both are impotant in laps and schools. many of theoris start from strange imagination question. forexample, could we travel to space, can we comminicate without travlling. After strong believe to achive the dream which is comes from certine imagination thought, the scientisits work hard by using equations and formulas to end up with surpising equipments that makes our life easer and enjoyable. If they don't have enough back ground, of course they will not complete any imagination thought project. As a result, acquaintance can be learned in school or even on your own and then you can applied the information to improve our invironment. knowledge and fiction work together in many things, such as phones, airplanes, cars, ..ect. Recently, many developed countries encourage their pubic to learn and creat a new product, hence they can be most interisting people and country.