Trường Giang Lê

University Student, Advance Program in Computer Science - University of Science in Hochiminh city
Hochiminh City, Vietnam

About Trường Giang


I am still now, a little boy, studying in one of the biggest universities in my country, University of Science. I am really really passionate about computer science, programming language, mobile operating system e.g, android, and photographing. With the photographing's stuff, i always want to have a Cannon 60D but it's impossible to me now, because i don't have any money. I really love taking photo of everything happening around me every day, every moment i have i my life and pictures of my parents, my friends, my love, etc. About android, i love to make it work in the way i want, i want to customize them in my own to make it "me" and i want to bring a lot of features that i think it's really necessary that other developers didn't bring it to them. Computer science and programming language are what i am trying to learn now. I have so many big dreams and i will try hard with the hope that one day, i will make all of them come true. Continuous...


English, Vietnamese

Areas of Expertise

Computer Science, Programming

I'm passionate about

I have a big passion in computer science, especially programming language and mobile operating system. I love working with Android. I also have a great love in photographing.


University of Science