Jasper Budworth

human being, Peace
Beverley, United Kingdom

About Jasper

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My names Jasper, I've lived in farms all my life except recently i've moved out from my place of origin. 16/08/1997 is my D.O.B. If you want to contact me it's jaspersworkemai@gmail.com



Areas of Expertise

ICT, Hacking, Questioning, Societies studies, media studies, Spirituality & Collective Intelligence, Geometry

An idea worth spreading

What if... one day everyone in the world stood in peace?

I'm passionate about

Learning new things

Talk to me about

420, My past, My present, the universe, questions, truth, light, UFOS/Aliens/Other beings of higher intelligence.

People don't know I'm good at

ICT, Predicting things, hacking, brainstorming, picturing ideal societies, predicting events, Tele communications, common sense, being a peace keeper.

My TED story

Hello! My names Jasper Budworth I originate in the UK! For 16 years I've been watching the world develop, I love the memories from my childhood. When I grow older I'm unsure of what I want to do. I'm 333% sure I'm in touch with beings of higher intelligence. I love reading and writing and mathematics and learning new things. I'm highly confident in speaking to people and confronting people, working solo or as a team. I would like to get my story known for what it is. I never tell lies only the truth. Peace :)