Tom Blashill

Bournemouth Dorset, United Kingdom

About Tom


I am retired. I spent 22 years in the army and then worked on Property development for a further 14 years. I then spent a few years in sales.I am married and we lived in France for 3 years after I retired. We have a golden retriever who is 9 months old today (3/11/2013). He is extremely lovable but rather naughty at times. He loves lying in muddy puddles. I am writing a book - I have been doing this for about three years. Maybe I am a slow thinker or just a slow typer ! I like playing golf but am suffering a bit at the moment after a cataract op that makes focussing on the ball a bit difficult.



An idea worth spreading

Only ever remember ONE password

1. Open a word document and list ALL your passwords
2. Click on the Windows icon , top left
3. Highlight Prepare in the drop down list
4. Click on Encrypt Document in right pane
5. Enter a master password in the box that appears
6. You will be asked to do this twice
7. Save the file the as normal.
8. How to choose a master password you will never forget
Think of a phrase you will always remember for example I did 2 holes in 1 in June 2013
Take the first character from each part of the phrase for above example this would be id2hi1ij2013

Easy and very secure. The file can never be opened without that one masterpassword

Have fun,