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Oslo, Norway

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Master Computer Science
Thesis: "Machine Composition - between AI and Music, Lisp and Max - maxlisp and other recombinations" (2007)

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There are no geniuses in the Arts, only more or less craftful worldmakers.

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Naturalizing ideas about culture and the arts
Philosophy of science and epistemology Gamification of learning

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Music composition and artificial intelligence

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Olav Andreas Marschall
Posted over 6 years ago
Bonnie Bassler: How bacteria "talk"
What an amazing talk! Bonnie Bassler inspires us. Bacteria manifest collective phenomena for which there seemed to be no reasonable explanation; they seem to act like complex multifunctonal societies without even a single neuron. Now we know why, they communicate chemically, their syntax is quorum sensing. This is information at the lowest level! As she explains, this might eventually lead us to an "information-war" against virulent and immuno-resistant bacteria.