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Bioinformatics Software Developer at UBC. HCI, Usability, UX, IxD, Visual/Industrial Design, Typography, Photography. I heart Mac and Helvetica.


Chinese, English, Japanese

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Web Development and Design

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Technology,Industrial Design,Interaction Design,Interactive,User Experience,Usability, Sustainability,Tangible Interface

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Web development, programming, user experience, industrial design, graphic design

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Calvin Chun-yu Chan
Posted about 6 years ago
Jay Walker: The world's English mania
I have a tiny example of English-mania in China. It is a screenshot from a Chinese online dictionary site with some ad-words on the page. For non Chinese readers, I added some translation notes. link: As you can imagine, this site is targeting people who are interested in learning English. From the ad-words you can feel the desperateness of the Chinese people to learn the language. Their motivation may be complex: it is a tool to climb up the life-quality ladder. They want to make connections with foreigners. They don't mind to take shortcuts and ad-hoc methods (you really think you can learn the language in 5 mins?). I like this one particularly: Watch %u9A6C%u4E91 and learn "Shanzhai English" (reference of %u9A6C%u4E91: (reference of the word Shanzhai: There are many things and complex emotions you can learn from that 20 characters of ad-word.