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Butte, MT, United States

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Marketing and Sales, Entrepreneurship , Entrepreneurship & Small Business, Small business coaching, Life Coach and mentor, Personal Development

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If every person on the planet took time to find what they were truly passionate about we could change the world. People go through life following the script in there head placed their by someone else and they don't even realize they are making their most important life decisions based on someone else's plan for their life. They stay within their comfort zone constantly reacting to what other people think and never take the time to put thought into what they truly think and want for their life. The result is a world full of people who lack the emotional energy and empathy that living an inspired life creates. If you want to fix the world you have to help people find their passion so that every individual is a stake holder who drives the process.

I'm passionate about

Coaching people to break free from false paradigms and live the adventure!

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Leadership starts with the individual. For a long time I wasn't leading in my own life until I found my passion, created my vision and was able to lose over 200lbs and run the Honolulu Marathon.

People don't know I'm good at

Constantly re-evaluating my life and re-assessing my habits.

My TED story

I spent my life following other peoples plan. I was more concerned about looking good and fitting in than I was at finding out what I truly wanted. Over the last few years I have learned that this is the norm in our society. The reptilian part of our brain is constantly fighting us to fit into our tribe to ensure our survival. I learned that if you want to thrive rather than just merely survive you have to develop the leader in you. For years I found myself growing more and more depressed as I chased the dreams of my parents, friends and community. I found myself 440lbs, broke, divorced and lost. I made a decision on my 32nd birthday to take the lead in my own life. To finally break free and live the adventure and I have never looked back. Over the next few years I lost over 200lbs and eventually ran the Honolulu Marathon among other races. I made a decision to create the vision of my life and today I am passionate about helping others live theirs!

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Peter Frumenti
Posted 11 months ago
Is it part of human nature to have a hierarchy?
This is a great topic. I think in some ways we are all meant to be leaders. We are meant to lead ourselves. In the absence of this self leadership a hierarchy does form. I think that the best thing we can do four our world and our fellow man is foster this self leadership and break down the old bureaucratic hierarchies.