Andrew Clayton-Bunday

Idea Designer,
Llandudno Junction, United Kingdom

About Andrew


I grew up on the streets of Liverpool enjoying conversations with all sorts of fascinating people from business men to the average Joe. I learned many trades across the countless summer jobs I had through talking to people and learning a little about them and their life. I tried being a sign righter, love the designs crea by some of the people that came through the doors. Listening carefully to what they wan and building a picture with them to help them achieve what they wan to say.

Moving on from there i tried to be a disc jockey although fairly successful at this job playing regularly to crowds in clubs and pubs across Liverpool at the age of 14 to 18. I learned how to have fun and make money. Helping club managers to design events and promotions to draw in the crowds each week. One of our events crea with Dicky Louise's club in Liverpool, we crea a fancy dress night based around the 70's culture with music and cocktails offers to match the era. The event was a success drawing in a maximum capacity crowd and with a fairly good cue backing round the corner of eager people waiting to join the fun.

Although not the full time life i wan to have (I cannot Stand the smell of beer or pub toilets to date) I loved being a DJ. next though something with a little more challenge I felt was in order. So with some of the money i had earned i went to south port collage to learn Computer science and engineering. The aim now to take some thing i had been dabbling in since the age of 8 programming on my older brothers Amstrad Cp64C with games and programs in magazines and library publications to a new level. Here was my life dream unfolding before my eyes, i fell in love with all these wired characters on the screen which meant absolutely nothing to me but the wired black box i sat in front of maybe for a bit too long each day offered my a taste of some thing truly grate.

From Southport Collage i moved on to my Microsoft Certification then my Cisco certification making me a well informed network technician, and the qualification to do so much more and still only 20 years of age. Now applying for jobs as a network technician to manager I attended so many interviews with mixed feeling but always with the same result. You are too young was the general feeling among these employers.

So not to be put down by these comments I star to fix friend's and family's computers taking advantage of local flea markets to advertise my trade and skills. In the space of only 12 months i had a good and loyal customer base coming from varying distances to use my services.

Time once again to expand I thought and began the search for a new part of technology to become involved with. As it happened one of my repair clients approached me and asked me create a system that would manage his pub screens from one point. His current system was to program each TV with the 10 or so remotes hidden behind the bar switching to one of three channels music sport and promotions. Working with him we managed to create the worlds first multi screen management system. which i went on to install in over 50 local locations. Time to give this ago i thought and star to try and take this product to the market, after many a high phone bill and many email rejections I began to ask myself is my product worth it, but i had sold 50 or more units it must be i thought.

Now at the grand age of 29 i have designed multiple products in the software and gadget markets yet still no real knowledge of how to get to the right people effectively. The problem was clear i needed to produce a new way of trading this information I need a new invention, except the more i researched the more it became clear these tools where there. The businesses had half open hands to these kinds of conversations due to fear of copyright and continuing costs being among the highest of fears.

Now I believe i have a new goal to help these companies and innovators find each other.



Areas of Expertise

being human

An idea worth spreading

We love new ideas. Businesses, researchers, investors, community's and people. We love to see people live out their dreams its time to start believing in what we star with in politics if business wants big power then they must except big responsibility. We see millions spent in showing us what they do yet people can attract more attention on YouTube or Facebook or twitter or any number of social networks. what we love is good ideas and great inspiration share our ideas and dreams though this media though a simple format where marketing and stars get you no where but ideas and inspiration do. We hope to use social networking and public for being great social tools and create a ways for people to become connec.

I'm passionate about

Being human in a world of fast growing labels we want to be connec, and live out our dreams. Celebrating triumph in the world of my ideas in my unique way.

Talk to me about

Why people feel the need to be closed of in business the very idea that star your business is an idea that the public wan something and you filled that venture. I want to change your thinking.

People don't know I'm good at

I love art though an armature at best and inspiring conversation.

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