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Ana Fonseca
Posted 5 months ago
Human Cloning
Of course it would be less biodiversity, even my biology teacher said that. When the dna replication happens, in a natural way ,sometimes there are mutations along the process, and she said that those mutations give more biodiversity to animals, and humans. For example when a bacteria reproduces it divides itself in 2 new bacterias that look just like the first one. But when humans our other animal reproduce, there are a mix of dna and the baby its different from his parents. I think that happens with cloning, the new person will be theoretically , like the one that "gave " the nucleus . I don't know if you got my point of view. Also I learned this stuff in portuguese and I don't know if all the terms are correct but I did my best.
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Ana Fonseca
Posted 6 months ago
If the cure for mortality is found within your lifetime, would you go for it and become immortal?
Why would you want to be immortal if this world is becoming more and more an awful place. I think that I would be sad to be immortal, because humans are getting worse, and soon we won't have a good planet to live. And by being immortal you would see humans make the same mistakes again and again, the same fights, the same moral issues that probably won't ever be solved. I wouldn't like to be immortal, I'm only 16 and I'm sick of this planet, I can't imagine my life if I lived forever.