Magdalena Georgieva

Sofia, Bulgaria

About Magdalena


I am working as Softwate QA engineer at SAP Labs Bulgaria and I am very sensitive in relationship between people on a very human level. I have been organized Quality Awareness and Security Awareness initiatives at SAP Labs Bulgaria and I am co-leading local Business Women Network community at SAP Labs Bulgaria and the initiative Meet Successfull Women as part of it. Two years ago I have started to share my own thoughs and feelings related to women topics in personal blog. I am an author in few online local releases: local site for techologies, media, events ; local female magazine I love people but I love myself first:-)

An idea worth spreading

I want to create awareness workshop and support people to understand better themselves on first place and then to be more patient in understanding each other respectively. I dream to live in world with happy and lovable people.

I'm passionate about

Gender Diversity

Talk to me about

people. I am in love with people

People don't know I'm good at


My TED story

One year ago I had a dream to become a speaker at TEDxWomen event one day. One week ago the former organizer of the local TEDxWomen event Deni Simeonova invited me to lead the organization of local event this year as she moved to Brussels to face new opportunity in her life. The only one thing I did during this period was to share my thoughts about women topics in social networks. I feel blessed that I am part from TED community now.