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Jacob Lindfors
Posted 11 months ago
How we can reduce poverty and inequality in developing countries?
I personally think that to have the development of countries such as Peru and others worldwide are successful, they must first start at the base of the people. Unfortunately for countries such as Peru, much of the base of the population live in poverty conditions. I personally think to organizations such as Feed My Starving Children to help combat these issues. By feeding those children the necessary nourishment, they are able to avoid the question of, “Where will my next meal come from?” In the example that I found in the New York Times, titled “The Kids Left Behind by the Boom”, one child by the name of Henrry Ochochoque, a 12 year old living in poverty conditions in Peru; was “Undernourished, anemic, with a brain slowed by toxic chemicals.” (“The Kids Left Behind by the Boom”, Marie Arana”). Personally, I believe that the problem can be solved by improving the situation of the impoverished people’s of these nations to have a better standard of living. Whether that can be giving those better housing, cleaner areas, or by simply giving them all 3 square meals a day, these things can be solved by simply increasing their lives. By simply doing one thing to increase people’s lives, each and every country with impoverished people can have all of their problems solved simply and effectively.