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Brianna Forbrook
Posted over 1 year ago
How we can reduce poverty and inequality in developing countries?
Poverty is still a very large issue in many countries today. Although Peru may be considered to be prospering many parts are being left behind. Poverty is not the sole issue, and there are many factors that play in and add up to the overall problem of poverty. Two areas hit hard in the article, “The Kids Left Behind by the Boom”, were education and healthcare. One key area that needs to be addressed is equal spread of education throughout. In Peru for example there are some areas that are well educated, but then there are areas like where Hennry attended that lack in educating. If Henry were to stay in La Rinconada, Peru instead of moving to Juliaca, Henrry Ochochoque's goals would more than likely not have been met. Based on school location the amount of value given to education varies dramatically. Another area that is leaving parts out is healthcare. According to the article Hennry is too small for his age. Hennry is a twelve year old and is four feet, two inches, which is the average size of an eight year old in America. He is below normal hight as well as undernourished and anemic. Anemic is very common in fact more than 70 percent develop anemia before the age of three. Poverty is very concerning and in order to fix this, other areas need to be address first to lead to ending poverty.