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Abby Starr
Posted almost 2 years ago
How we can reduce poverty and inequality in developing countries?
Poverty is viewed as one of the biggest problems in our current society. In order to reduce poverty and inequality in developing countries, there needs to be a shift in focus to the education of those living in poverty. In developing countries like Peru, a child living in the rural area of the country doesn’t get as good of an education as a child living in the urban areas, and they usually begin working at the young age of five. According to the New York Times article, “If they attend school, they do so for only a few years and in Spanish — not Quechua or Aymara, the languages spoken at home.” The government needs to establish a progressive education system throughout the entire country, not only the richer areas. Children are the future of society, so the government of developing countries like Peru should invest in proper education. This will hopefully lead to a higher employment rate and eventually progress the country as a whole, instead of the current uneven development.