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Mrs Beautiful
Posted over 1 year ago
How we can reduce poverty and inequality in developing countries?
In countries such as Peru that are dealing with a high gap between the impoverished and the striving, the key to a stable solution is a strong education system. Although it seems as though education is already available to the impoverished, it is a low level of education that does not give the children or their parents the knowledge they need to be successful. If children such as those mentioned in the article “The Kids Left Behind by the Boom” were given a fair shot at a good education, they would be much more likely to be successful and lead a life better than that in which they grew up in. Once the government focuses on improving their education, the affects will trickle down to all levels as the first effected children grow up and have their own kids and they all begin to raise their standard of living. There is obviously no easy fix to poverty, and a focus on education will not be the cure to all problems but it is the best place to start. Spreading economic growth to the cities that are impoverished will provide the citizens with the opportunity to begin a better lifestyle and provide for their families which will help the economy of the country overall. I strongly believe that the best place for a country such as Peru to start is education.