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Katrina Chu
Posted almost 2 years ago
How we can reduce poverty and inequality in developing countries?
In the world today, many countries like Peru are facing poverty and inequality throughout their population. To overcome these problems that split their nations, the government of the developing country should help their country grow by increasing the quality of healthcare and educational systems. If a family does not have access to proper health care, their quality of life is diminished and they are not able to get educated or work if they are sick. If the population was healthier, more people could be used in the workforce to benefit the country. It would also help the reputation of the country if epidemics like AIDS were taken under control with medication and prevention awareness. Education would help people escape poverty, and the country would benefit immensely if it was successful in providing education to their population. If everyone was allowed access to proper education, more opportunities would be available to the people and the country could become competitive with other countries in developing new technology with a more educated base of people. For a country to become more developed, it is critically important for the country to spread out resources and money. If Peru put these practices into motion, the quality of life would increase dramatically for their citizens living in poverty.