Michael Zich

Graz, Austria

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What if we took all the money spent on weapons and use it creating peaceful communities with opportunities for personal unfolding. What if we took part of our expenses for the treatment of cronic diseases and invest it in training people on the health impact of our food choices. What if we took our agricultural subsidies for establishing local organic agro-systems worldwide. What if we took our answer-based educational system and transformed it into empowering others to investigate, question, conclude, solve breeding a population of solutionaries. It's time to SHIFT: from egoic to shared, from depletion to omni-creation, from disparagement to empowerment, from apocalyptic to resetting, from greed-centered to serve-centered, from doomed to vivid. What if we took the opportunity to shift?

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health, food, education, solutionaries, young minds - young hearts

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