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Blake Jackson
Posted over 1 year ago
How we can reduce poverty and inequality in developing countries?
In the Article; The Peru Kids Left Behind it talks about the problem that many Peruvians face when they live in mountainous ares of the country. In developed parts like Lima, living conditions are on the rise, and Peru is even rated as an upper-middle class economy. For children like Henrry everything is going against him and he has to struggle through lots of adversity. Already he has to survive in the cold and harsh weather, but he goes above and beyond, and wants to get an education. Health wise he has to deal with harmful chemicals like mercury and cyanide. Already the statistics are not in his favor, 78% of indigenous children live in poverty. Children like Henrry suffer through malnutrition, anemia and mercury poisoning. The families wish they could take their families off of the mountains and into a better setting, but the only thing preventing them is their lack of money. The main problem in Peru is that most of the wealth is being sent to big cities like Lima, and the people that live in rural areas are left in poverty.