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Kayla Emerson
Posted 9 months ago
How we can reduce poverty and inequality in developing countries?
Many countries face a similar problem when it comes to poverty and that is the inequality between social classes. The best way to start closing the gap between the rich and poor is to get help and support from the government. By providing the poor with access to education, healthy food, clean water and options of employment, the government would be improving the lives of the lower class and creating a smaller gap between the haves and have not’s. In order for these changes to be implemented the government must have a strong and stable structure of its own. They then can have the lives of their people in mind and work on the necessary improvements. A thriving nation is one that can use its own resources to benefit its citizens and bring in a large amount of profit. Improving the lives of the lower class and striving for social equality within a country is not an easy or quick task to implement. Working towards the status of a developed nation while decreasing poverty takes a lot of work, but if a government is dedicate to help its people they will improve the country as a whole.