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Marisa Meleck Meleck
Posted almost 2 years ago
How we can reduce poverty and inequality in developing countries?
The best way to reduce poverty levels and inequality in developing nations is to get the government onboard with closing the gap between the rich and poor. Affirmative action toward the public is the only way a developing country can solve the growing issue of inequality. By providing education, clean food and water, and new jobs for the poor, the country can both close the gap and go from developing to developed. For this to occur governments must be organized in a way that corruption and dictatorships are taken out of the picture. The government must choose to work for the people and help create a prosperous nation that uses their own resources correctly to maximize their success as a nation. It is a very difficult idea for most governments to wrap their heads around and would be very difficult to implement for even one country, but if they really wanted change this would be the ideal plan to reduce poverty in a country. The people will be on average healthier and happier with the new standard of living if all water and food is clean and they are educated into the 21st century.