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Have you ever dreamed of driving a JEEP around the backroads and countryside of Punta Cana? For you, exclusively, we have created the ONLY off-road excursion in Punta Cana where you can drive the real JEEP! Jump into our open roof 4x4 Jeep Wrangler, feel the freedom on Caribbean sandy beaches and hit the road for adventure on our Punta Cana Just Safari unique excursion. This fantastic Dominican Republic Jeep Tour is perfect for families and groups of all ages.


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Jeep adventure, feeling the thrill and driving through Punta Cana countryside, on bumpy roads, to the beautiful beaches and dominican village house...

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PuntaCana JustSafari
Posted about 1 year ago
Should a country/government give all its information to the citizens/public? If no, what information should the country not release?
Information is power, and can be abused or can be used smart. I was always open-minded for free flow of information, freedom of speech and expression etc but since Julian Assange case where he gave so much information to the world, including army locations and other top secret military data, sometimes I am thinking - is it really necessary to go so much with all that "we have the right to know" thing ? Some stuff simply must be hidden from the ordinary people, for security reasons if nothing else.