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Ryan Rose
Posted over 1 year ago
Are there any human behaviours that can't be logically derived from selfish gene promotion?
Our genes were not designed so that we would keep the planet safe--indeed, it hasn't been tested enough by evolution to kill off only those humans with the "endanger the planet" gene, nor would it hurt exclusively those people, so the selectivity of that gene (or trait) would be nonexistent. We also are designed to behave with a temporary mindset. Few times in nature are animals required (or able) to plan ahead for future generations in such an elaborate way. We also have to take into account that the people/actions destroying our planet may very well seem truly harmless to those people committing the crime. Lastly, the failure of some individuals in a species to fulfill a general predisposition to something (e.g., procuring a safe future for the next generation) does not negate that predisposition in the whole. Most humans do behave sensibly in protecting their progeny. In matters of global climate change, for example, we are too separated from the actions and the consequences. None of us leaving our lights on while we're out are receiving a (negative) stimulus to deter that behavior, something telling us that there's danger involved. It's not a matter, in short, of apathy, but of separation from the consequences.