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Webdesign, webdeveloper et webmaster, je travaille sur des projets web linked with la transition vers une nouvelle gestion des ressources humaines.


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webdesigner, Webmaster, Webdeveloper

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Web, video, photo, communication


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Paul Clamar
Posted almost 2 years ago
What is the difference between happiness and satisfaction?
As for me, this is how i would define it : Happiness is somehow short-lived and intense, while satisfaction is longer-lived and smoother. Tied to each other in most cases, they define different states. Happiness will bring high emotional activity and bursts of huge reactions, which can fall off quite suddenly. Satisfaction will bring a calm, peaceful and savoured feeling of achievement, which fall off more slowly. I consider satisfaction to be a deeper but smoother feeling than happiness, which doesn't mean it would be weaker. Satisfaction can slowly or quickly activate or support the growth of intense emotions such as happiness. It catalyzes them and goes along with them. As for me, i consider that satisfactions sustainability makes this feeling somehow more powerful than happiness.
Paul Clamar
Posted almost 2 years ago
Steve Howard: Let's go all-in on selling sustainability
Thanks for this great speech. This is nice to hear that some companies are looking on long term policies. This is nice to hear some companies are aware of incoming huge costs due to modern economy. Would we add long term economic external costs to our profit formulas, most companies would result rated with a negative growth factor. But how to achieve clever sustainable and profitable business ? We definitly have to work together and share knowledges in that way. Yet i feel sorry about that Steve, but i remain doubtful that IKEA's main objective is to go on "full comitment" to sustainability instead of just jumping into an emerging trend with an innovative business model. Although IKEA has always been pulling sustainability to the top of its values, its first objective remains to be profitable and i doubt you would have made this great speech if there wouldn't have been this highly profitable market trend opportunity for green sustainability.