Praveen Merala

Engineer, Solutions to Life
New Delhi, India

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I am Engineer by profession but I am observer by choice. I just love to observe things going around, observe nature, observe living beings and non living being etc. Out of all I am amused about observing people, and thus I love to know people more and more and understand them. You can call this as hobby or interest but this is what I like and love to do. This leads to two things - First I am able to guide them when they are in confusion and Second - Learn best things from them to improve my Personality. Thus you call me "One of You".. Praveen Merala


English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu

Areas of Expertise

Packaging Development

An idea worth spreading

Remove time for Yourself.. Out of our busy schedule people think about 'n' number of things but forget to think about themselves. So they never speak to Inner person of them ever which actually will lead them to a correct place. Thus I think or try to act a mirror in front of this people showing the inner side of oneself. Thinking 2 min about oneself from 1440 min in a day we can actually achieve things which we think we are not capable of. People forget this or never pay attention to the same, thus Mirror (one of you - me) will help in achieving the same to major extent.

I'm passionate about

Understanding people, improving Life in every aspect being righteous in each and every work which I do. I also try to implement the same in my friends and followers.


University of Mumbai

Talk to me about

Difficult situation which arise in Life, Solution to situations, Solutions to Life, etc

People don't know I'm good at

Observing them, knowing them to the core.

My TED story

I wanna share my concept knowing oneself through removing time for oneself which will improve one's life to major extent as compared to current they are - through TED. I think each and every person is capable to think and decide about themselves. Alone I can't make the world to follow this but with the help of people I will success one day and World will be free from miseries and grief about anything, if not vanished it will be reduced to less extent. I am not much experienced but on my way to become one.

Comments & conversations

Praveen Merala
Posted about 1 year ago
What are the difficulties of being an extrovert?
I was an Introvert at a time in my life...and Now I am a Extrovert by choice.. Mentioning in my life doesnt mean I am old or experienced life in every aspect, but I have realised that it is better to be an extrovert. (m just 23yrs) Nobody will come and talk or share stuff with you from their busy schedule, so the loss is of the introvert. Being an extrovert doesnt only mean that you initiate talks but also means sharing stuff with people, because i consider talking to anyone is like kinda sharing experiences. Experiences shared and learning from the same develops your own personality. We cant just be a introvert and wait one extrovert to come and talk to me, rather I would prefer to be the one who always starts a conversation which would thus help me majorly and the other person too...Small thing but true i guess....