joseph tuckey

Charlotte, MI, United States

About joseph


I'm a dreamer consumed by thoughts and ideas with plenty of hours of lost sleep because of it. I believe that we're not here to compete. Instead, we should focus our societal role toward collaboration. I've been involved with the military for years and always had pride for my country and the people in it. I'm 32 and have worked with the US military on and off since 2001. A good portion of my life has been dedicated to following orders. But I also realized that making a positive change is not a position the government has been very successful at fulfilling. Usually the greatest changes in history have been made by the voice of the people through mass movement or the strength of one individual. All my life I've wanted to be part of the building and advancement of our society as a whole. I've done volunteer work but it never seemed to reach out to enough people to make a big difference. I've done artwork and realized through that world that people can be emotionally effected by beauty in a way that opens them up to positive change. Being a small town kid from Michigan and traveling the world has shaped my ideology that we all want the same basic things. I want to help bring to light the changes that can be made to help people enjoy those basic needs. That's why TED has been such a great inspiration to me. I get to see people that do. People that aren't afraid of criticism or making someone mad. People that make change or pave way for others to do the same. They change ideas and feed the notion that we matter. We have the power to fix what ails our failing society and planet. I come from an artistic family. Carpenters, machinists, engineers, builders, designers. We all share skill sets. The main thing we have in common is that we love to customize. To take something mundane and make it interesting and beautiful. That's who I am. Someone who wants to change things for the better and strives to find the direction that has the most positive impact.

An idea worth spreading

I donate when I can to charities that don't give receipts or take names. It makes me feel good to help like many other people. My idea is to create a social media driven site where charities can join under the premise that their funding is transparent. They show exactly how much comes in and where the funds are allocated. It would be voluntary and legally binding. A clean contract with no loopholes. The site would allow people to view transactions and see where their money is going. It would also allow them to ask questions, give suggestions and submit ideas to the charity i.e. more eco friendly building materials, faster methods to their end goal, money saving tips, praise on a job well done, etc. The charities would be able to respond and collaborate with the donators directly and fluently. This would establish trust. It would bring charities together to work with each other and help unheard of causes to reach a wider audience through social networking.

I'm passionate about

Change, engineering, neuroscience, psychology, art, community, choice, volunteering, strength, collaboration, mechanics, custom cars, green energy, architecture, other peoples passion

Talk to me about

Restructuring cities. Incorporating local art into a better community. Making housing cheaper and more available. Creating jobs for the homeless. Memory loss and treatment. Building my charity page.

People don't know I'm good at

Construction, drawing, painting, inventing

Favorite talks