Nina Kck

Hennezel, France

About Nina


I started to be passionated about "systems" at the age of 5. I was doing chirurgical operations on plants. I was a quiet, calm and silent children. i stoped to talk about my visions of life when i had 12. And i had to cross "life", "social behaviours", "administrative papers", "Human beings logics", and "love" as i can. He tooks me 30 years to embrace my being, realized how capacities i got, i still don't understand a lot of things. And i still have real troubles with administration. But i'm here to brings SOLUTIONS. I work with children since 5 years. I do recongnize every stages and internal and individuals systems, and i remember how i missed an adult who can explain me "Life on earth" ... I have a big emphaty and a clear logistic mind who can help me at my educative tasks. More than that i can explain very complex things with simple explanations and make a visual shape of it.

An idea worth spreading

Building a community , studiying the systems of needs, By following the needs of people you can create a new city.
One day i want to have the oportunity to explain it to someone.

I'm passionate about

Quantic physic, primera materia, spirituality, vaudou Art, Alchimy and Sciences.

Talk to me about

LOVE! Haha and wind, movements, education, futur, boudhism, books, research, my son, the infinite, the real nature of everything.

People don't know I'm good at

Healing people with the atomic system of Life.

My TED story

Not yet, but soon.

Comments & conversations

Nina Kck
Posted about 1 year ago
I am losing my faith in humanity. How can I restore it?
You can try to find any inspirations outside... If you lived by experience and feelings the "bad side" of humans, and so humanity... You must to go at the very middle of yourself to recover it. This "being" of the middle of yourself is the only one who can restore it. If i were you, i would enter in contact with a spiritual personn. I'm sure in your country (philippines) you have this sort of people. This kind of people who open your soul in two in front of you and show you, Life, Infinite, and Beauty and place it right into your heart. Please, hang on, Sister. From the other part of the World, France, in the middle of the fields and the forest, Vanina.
Nina Kck
Posted about 1 year ago
How we can reduce poverty and inequality in developing countries?
You have also to take care of what "developing" is really meaning... I thing the best to do, is create from the center of this "Poor places" (where you can see a lake of knowledge, lake of energies, lake of materials, lake of education...) some places to reach children first, education, new forms of developping without to be part of a big system. EXEMPLE ; you create a place for MUMS. you educate them to give good education and good "food" (by food i mean books, good movies, news inspirations.. etc...) to their children. can be presentation of movies who inspire to grow good, then readings and make read, building things from recycling materials, developping creativities... etc. then a second place where this MUMS can provide teaching and inspiring ideas. still with the idea not to be dependant of the personn who make them "poor" but teaching them how to be independant. What is the meaning of Life (you got good spiritual people in Peru, go bring them from the montains!) teach them good health and how to heal ( make an alternative medecine place) Then because it's already a lot of people, you do restaurant with goof food, and for having the food you do gardens in the tops of every buildings. So you need teachers for teaching how to gardening... and provide food for a lot of people, so you already have half of the problem solved. Then you take care of energies.... POVERTY is into MINDS!!! if you got weak mind you will be enslaved. So taking care of education and going back to the roots are the best you can do. AND DON'T DEVELOPP your countrie as the model of others "developped countries" because we are fucked up! so please you are the futur... don't do the same mistakes! Stay humans. don't talk about economy, but links in between people.