Nadine Hanafi

Miami, FL, United States

About Nadine


I am motivated by the challenge of turning sterile information into beautifully simple visual presentations. My approach is a blend of storytelling technique, intelligent design and a pinch of originality for good measure.
I am resolute in my stand against bad presentations and I am passionate about helping people elevate the quality of their communication.
I believe visual literacy is the new frontier of effective communication and I founded We Are Visual to fulfill a bold mission: to make the world a better place, one presentation at a time.

Areas of Expertise

Presentation Consultant, Presentation Design and Delivery, Presentation Training, Presentation - Content and Design, presentation & communication skills, Presentation Coaching

An idea worth spreading

A better world can only be achieved by giving each and every young girl and boy the right to an education.

I'm passionate about

Women's education, eliminating the water crisis, world travel, languages, cultures

Favorite talks