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The UK's premier supplier of e-cigs and accessories stocking over 80 flavours of e-liquid and various kits including ego, vision-ego, vamo and vmax since 2009

Juicy Cigs is the home of the tasty alternative to smoking! We offer you an excellent alternative to traditional smoking and we are one of the leading suppliers of Electronic Cigarettes and E-Liquid in Europe. We also stock a range of Accessories for all our popular brands.

The Electronic Cigarette gives you an alternative way to enjoy smoking with many advantages - the main one being cost, as the average smoker can enjoy savings of up to 80% when using our Electronic Cigarettes and E-liquid compared to buying normal cigarettes.

We offer a range of different model E-Cigs at various prices. Please check out the reviews section to learn more about these and to help you decide which Electronic Cigarette Kit is the right one for you. There are over 70 different flavours and 3 different strengths of E-liquid for you to choose from, so whether you prefer a tobacco taste or a more fruity taste there is an E-liquid for everyone.

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The Electronic Cigarette, also known by the name e-cigarette, e-cig or electric cigarette, is an alternative smoking device. This electric adaptation of a cigarette allows you to inhale a small amount of nicotine, just like the real deal, only you do not have to deal with the carcinogenic components and other toxins that tobacco products contain. Besides being a cleaner alternative, this electronic version can be enjoyed anywhere, even in public places that ban tobacco smoking.

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