Craig Wilkinson

Founder and CEO, Father A Nation
Cape Town, South Africa

About Craig


Craig is the author of "DAD - The Power and Beauty of Authentic Fatherhood" & founder of the Non Profit Organisation, Father A Nation, (FAN) which works with men and fathers throughout South Africa. Craig's past experience includes the role of Human Resource Director of a large advertising company, Executive Director of Outward Bound (an adventure education company), Founder and Director of a training company and Co-Founder and Head of an NPO working in socio-economic development.



Areas of Expertise

Writing, speaking, Leadership, non profit management, Socio Economic Development, Facilitation

An idea worth spreading

If we can heal men we can heal the world. The damage to humanity caused by the epidemic of unfathered or badly fathered men and women is greater than the damage caused by anything else, including war and disease. Wounded men become men that wound, sometimes consciously, most often unconsciously. And the greatest cause of wounding in men is their fathers. If we can stop that cycle, restore men and equip them to be great fathers we will radically and irreversibly transform the world.

I'm passionate about

Beauty, adventure, purpose, family and breaking the cycle of abuse and societal dysfunction by healing the hearts of men.


WITS - Johannesburg

Talk to me about

People, poverty, love, fatherhood, manhood, development, fitness, God, philosophy, mountain biking, psychology,literature, writing, nature, beauty, the heart, the mind, the soul, conflict, redemption.

People don't know I'm good at

Making cheesecake.

My TED story

My own challenging journey as a divorced father of a son and a daughter and working for years in socio-economic development in impoverished communities has brought me to what Beuchner described as that place where my deep gladness meets the world's deep hunger. I am utterly convinced that if we can heal men we can heal the world. Fatherlessness and wounded and misconceived masculinity are the cause of our greatest social problems. True masculinity is the solution the world so desperately needs to see. This to me is more than just an idea worth sharing, it is action we have to take.