Ridwa Yakob

Autism Speaks
Minneapolis, MN, United States

About Ridwa


Hello, I'm Ridwa Yakob. Ray to some but usually Ridwa to all.

I'm 18 years old and I've just started wading through the murky unsure waters we all call adulthood. I'm still honestly terrified by the word "taxes".

I'm currently going to school for my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and English and (hopefully) a Minor in Linguistics. I enjoy extremely sweet caramel frappes, sleeping, and robots. I occasionally build impractical things that have no use but they still look awesome. *insert picture of bowl with glass shards*

Most of the time, I think of new ideas that haven't been tested. My two recent projects are:

a) Building a simplified computer to teach speech to autistic children. This project is mostly because of my younger sister who has high functioning autism, and I'm hoping to help even more families with this invention. It can help anyone with speech problems not just autistic kids. Right now, the computer is still being developed and tested by the team of me, myself, and i. I hope to gain enough support for this to build even more computers!!!


b) a toilet spray that is almost sort of like hand sanitizer and bleach together, I know, it sounds dangerous and highly toxic but it's a liquid to can be sprayed on toilet seats to assess if there's any questionable traces left on there. Right now, I'm going through chemical compounds to assess the toxicity of the liquid. But meh, it's just a strange thought in the works.

I absolutely love meeting and communicating with new people. It helps to have a worldly perspective on the human self.

Areas of Expertise

Mechancial Engineering, IT - Hardware Support & Troubleshooting, English language (spelling, grammar, vocabulary, & some literat, Server Support

I'm passionate about

Autism, speech, robots, food, and pretty much the universe: can you believe that there's trillions of unexplored area above and around us that may have sentient beings. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!

Talk to me about

Any and everything. I love learning new things about new people. I'm especially interested in other people's life stories.

People don't know I'm good at

Information Technology and hardware. It's a pretty nifty hidden talent that I don't use very often in my personal life.