Alvaro Sir Gott

CEO , Eon Dynamics
Caracas, Venezuela

About Alvaro


I was born in Feb 9th and I am my very own SuperHeroine's dad.

My professional degree title is Electronic Engineer (USB, Sartenejas, Venezuela), and I have a Master in System Design and Management (MIT, Cambridge, MA). I also studied Chocolate Mastery (Institut Callebaut, Belgium).

Since before I achieved my Engineering degree I began working with my first company, Pastelito Express, a little fast food “highway-drive-thru” company selling filled pasties in the very own highway traffic, it was an instant success because I found a virgin market, people in a hurry to get to their jobs and have no time to eat breakfast at home (in Venezuela there are no laws that prohibit walking vendors in the highways), then short time later I founded and am the C.E.O. of my own technology design and development companies, the LX Group (former Sir Gott Dynamics), it started as a little electronic research laboratory, but we grew and became an outsource option to commercial brands, we're located in Sydney, Australia because of the political situation of Venezuela and I work as C.E.O. via internet and traveling often between Venezuela and Australia since then.

Strongly believe that competitiveness is the key to achieve levels of personal excellence. It pushes you up to be better.

I have not clear the day I stopped playing and started to work, even today playing and working are part of the same time and I do what I do until my last breath. That’s my passion, and that fills me with energy…

An idea worth spreading

It is possible to cure any illness, from diabetes to cancer with nutrition.

I'm passionate about

Inventions, medical technology, gadgets, life quality enhancement, technology research, prototype development, ideas, medical research.

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People don't know I'm good at

Writing, researching and chocolatery