Karl F Stork

Creative Producer, K&S
Paris, France

About Karl F


25, Master's Degree in Commercial Law (MLT) and Political Science, alternative asset junior consultant
Life makes me an Entertainment entrepreneur & Story architect.

I have left the straight & well-cobbled path of tax-corporate law in choosing to take the meanders of creative uncertainty.
Salvador Dali used to say he had the most inspiring ideas in a train station; raw concept come to me in white restrooms while ...

My current activities are mainly focused on:

- talent scouting contemporary artists, especially land art and digital art, and live performers
- (co-) creating entertaining and meaningful event scenarios
- exploring places to vitalize and create add value for communities and local authorities
- (co-)producing ephemerial or cyclical artistic & cultural events and leisure experiences

"Ars Longa, Vita Brevis"


English, French, Russian

Areas of Expertise

Cultural Strategy, Fleeting Structures & Land Art, Event Storytelling & Dramatization, History of Revolutions & Leadership, Opera , Absurdity , Cliodynamics

An idea worth spreading

- Smart building materials permitting at anytime to turn white walls into red, blue etc...
- Universal Allowance

I'm passionate about

Rise and fall of civilizations - Philosophical implications of quantum physics - Space Settlement - Alchemy - Energy & Commodity Geopolitics - Absurdity

Talk to me about

Artistic & sceneries projects - technologies bringing interactivity into events - political institutions organization in Europe - self-energy consumption - fleeting structures - transhumanism etc...

People don't know I'm good at

Helping in finding funds and create sustainable marketing mix

My TED story

Not yet but I have a thirst of learning and create synergies.

However, in my opinion, TEDx is symptomatic of our complex world; a dystopia full of different casts of experts, specialists, doctors, teachers and moguls where innovation is only cosmetic and not at all systemically decisive. It imposes modesty.
Welcome to the global hubbub, welcome to the Tenties!

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