About Tika


Tika is an independent consultant in business management and leadership development. She has worked with Hivos, UNESCAP, British Council, as well as academic institutions and state-owned enterprises in Indonesia. She's passionate about facilitating cross-sector collaboration and have led and initiated movements to foster multicultural awareness. TEDxJakarta was the first TEDx event in South East Asia. 5 years and 3,500 live audience later, and it hasn't stopped being exhilarating!

Tika is currently a Fellow at the East-West Center, where she focuses on constructive dialogue and foresight as tools for community empowerment in Asia Pacific. She has conducted Futures Scenario Building exercises in Hawaii, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and helped organize nationwide foresight conferences in Myanmar and the Republic of Tonga. You might find her in TEDGlobal loudly musing about why there has never been a TEDx event in the Pacific Islands.


English, Indonesian

TED Conferences

TEDGlobal 2014, TEDWomen 2013