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New Providence, IA, United States

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I'm 16, but just because I am a young man does not mean I do not grasp concepts that are much greater than I. In the last few years I have learned and excelled in Chemistry, and I have always been interested in Science, and the implications, and the many great things that can be brought about by it.I enjoy learning new things and I can easily grasp new, and difficult concepts, as well as being able to imagine objects, and ideas in a multidimensional plane.



An idea worth spreading

Cloning, and Printing organs, as well as a concept that I have constructed. It includes genetic therapy, as well as genetic engineering, in a way to be able to give certain cells in a humans body regenerative properties, such as brain cells, and the cilia in the ears.

I'm passionate about

Chemistry, Quantum Physics, and Scientific ethical debates.

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Chemistry, Genetics, Space Travel, Quantum Mechanics, and Wavelengths of light and Sound.

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Tim Chapman
Posted almost 2 years ago
Is depression merely a keyword for a much larger field?
I agree that, yes, medication can be considered a crutch, but it can also be considered a tool that the user can manipulate to achieve a desired outcome. It is like using a screwdriver, but when the screw is loose, you use your hand to either tighten it, or loosen it, but when that action becomes difficult, you need a tool that can make the job possible. I myself suffer from depression, and I believe that even though I don't like taking medication, I need it, and it has made a significant difference in the way i feel and think, and my ability to function in a near normal way. And in reference to Yoka's comment on not being born with depression, I believe that while that is true, genetics can play a large role in the fact that you can be more vulnerable to having depression. It is a combination of both nature and nurture, which together cause many mental-related issues.