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Waterville, NY, United States

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I am a 42 year old Mom of two; a 14 year old daughter and a 10 year old son. I am married to their father for now 12 years. I was finally diagnosed with anxiety and depression in January 2013, as I remained silent for a number of years. My story is very reflective of Kevin Breel's. As a sibling of four total to our parents who are married over 38 years, throughout my childhood I struggled with my sister who was 10 months younger than me, having cerebral palsy. She needed a lot of attention and as a child without understanding the magnitude of the disability and the lack of communication from my parents about it, I became very independent at a very young age and kept my sadness to myself. As the norm, there wasn't a lot of communication in my family, there was a lot of alcohol around, which I believe now as an adult, was a stress relief for my parents. In the early 1970's, no one discussed their problems or things that were hard to talk about. I simply became the type of person who smiled everyday, tried to be funny and uplifting to those around me, even though on the inside I suffered from feeling alone and a burden in my own skin. I finally got to a point in my adult life where everything was going in the right direction which should have done nothing less than truly bring me happiness, but unfortunately, those sad alone feeling never went away. Since a panic attack forced me to take the situation more seriously after feeling as if I wanted to take my own life, I finally was diagnosed and am currently receiving therapy to help me get to a better place.

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Cathy Marriott
Posted 11 months ago
Communication is the key
Good Morning Mary! Thank you so much for taking the time to welcome me and share your favorite talks. This is all great therapy and I'm so happy I've found TED and able to connect with amazing people like yourself. Have a Blessed Day! Cathy