Mari Miller

Coordinator , American Tinnitus Association
Tustin, CA, United States

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Sales, Marketing, Customer Service


Saddleback College

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Tinnitus, Health, Skin Care, Life!

People don't know I'm good at

Bowling.. Singing

My TED story

I am a very happy, energetic, positive person who has a degree in helping others..self-help-group.
When I am not impacting the a positive way... I am bowling (I carry a 175 average) I also love doing Pet Therapy with my 4 lb t-cup yorkie..Sonny putting smiles on children's faces... LOVE exercising, having FUN!, movies, concerts and great walks and very important..healthy lifestyle ( Body is a temple of God.. Corinthians)
My message to the world... Life IS what you make it! And God makes that happen!

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Mari Miller
Posted 10 months ago
How many people have given up caffeine, how long and how do you feel?
Yes to a point.. but when you body constantly is in fight or flight.. your cortisol levels rise.. adrenals shut down and your whole body starts to break down..We are in charge of that.. for me the first step was eliminating caffeine, dealing with stress, exercising, yoga, pilates and most important.. putting nothing but healthy foods in my body and finding out what foods my body was sensitive or allergic to.. It sure has paid off! Before doing this.. Lejan.. I had a brain tumor .. a very sick puppy.. my body was completely out of balance.. Today .. I am healing and as I said before.. feeling fabulous..