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Bruce McCubbery
Posted over 1 year ago
What softwares or applications would you recommend to support flipped learning?
I want to encourage you in this discussion Faisal, however my focus is on employees losing their jobs for whatever reason. That's all adult employees worldwide but there is a current example requiring an even narrower focus to my thinking. Here in Australia two large companies making cars have each notified their workforce they will be leaving Australia in a few short years. Both those companies involved -- Ford and Holden (General Motors) -- are committed to helping their employees transition into other employment. At the same time, the federal and relevant state governments have already offered their support, both financial and otherwise. In that scenario, with all the support being offered, there is no certainty any of them will find themselves happily moving into alternative employment. Given a concerted effort, that picture might change. How? We could orchestrate teams of people able to help each individual worker. Working in flexible groups cobbled together on a case by case basis, the people being targeted can each finish up working in a way where they can say, "It's great! I never knew life could be like this!" Then the package that works for these motor industry workers could become a computerised program. The intent is to take what works and develop a program expressing all of it. It will have a big number of alternatives. Part is to query and counsel each user, part is to accession all of the skills they have including ones from their hobbies and interests. Part is to unearth their passions as Sir Ken Robinson has proposed. Then this "for certain workers" program can be extrapolated to suit all employees worldwide. Simple. No it's not but it is a way to produce a hybrid program that could do it. Plainly any software applications this discussion stirs up can be adaptable to adults anywhere in the world. Don't you think? Not that software answers everything. Bruce McCubbery