Takuma Suzuki

Organizer, TEDxSapporo
Sapporo-City, Hokkaido, Japan

About Takuma


Technologist running own company building innovate mobile applications and websites. Doctorate in System engineering and teaching at University for 10 years teaching applied information network. Came up with TED with the TEDx community in my city ( TEDxSapporo), involved as Chief- coordinator from the early stage. Main task at TEDxSapporo includes team management and handling brand strategist. Since involved in TEDxSapporo, I have also joined TEDxTokyo as a team operator, TEDxKids@Chiyoda and mentoring University events such TEDxHGU and TEDxHIU.

TED Conference

TEDActive 2014

An idea worth spreading

An idea is seed but it needs nourishment and good environment to let to grow, an idea is also innovative when taken action and needs good network of people to make it happen. Innovation is about keeping good people around.

I'm passionate about

TED talks, Innovation and new technology, building innovative education strategy for students, Outdoor and gourmet

Talk to me about

Technology and computer science, building human connection, team work, risk management, TEDxSapporo

People don't know I'm good at

building good human network, creating good play environment for children, generating good ideas.

My TED story

My story with TED begins with TEDx community in my city TEDxSapporo. When TEDxSapporoChange in April 2012 was held, one of my close friend was a speaker to the event. I was inspired with TED talks, vision and the great way of spreading ideas. Since then I joined the salon events and became a good friend with the organizer. I spread out my hands and since then I got to know TED community better. I was so passionate that I offered to join the team and share my skills. Since then my passion to TED grew wider and watch TED talks. From the very first stage of TEDxSapporo I am involved in taking to our TEDx community further.

Favorite talks