John Mavridis

CEO & Founder, Newhouse Strategic Counsel Inc.
Montreal/toronto, Canada

About John


English, French, Greek

Areas of Expertise

Law for start-ups, Corporate Governance, Corporate Finance, Strategic Planning, Restructuring

An idea worth spreading

Save the Planet - Kill Big Mining Companies: there are environmentally friendly techniques for mineral resource exploitation, but big mining companies do not use them because they are not substantial enough to impact their enormous balance sheets. While the major mining companies are sensitive to the environment, they are limited in action because their giant size requires the giant profits from giant projects. We still need resources, support smaller, innovative players.

I'm passionate about

Great ideas and actions that implement them. Technology that changes the way people live and act.

Talk to me about

Projects where I can help change the world. Hopefully while I make a living.

People don't know I'm good at

getting sensitive jobs done quietly, quickly, using surprising means.

My TED story

I am working on my TED story. For now I'll inspire myself with yours ... if you don't object.

Comments & conversations

John Mavridis
Posted over 4 years ago
Should anyone be able to upload their TEDTalk to
What about WikiTED? We can have the community do the curating. Start the process by having the putative speakers make a One-minute presentation on video and then they can present a written thesis. The WikiTED volunteers/mob can act as curators and invite the approved speaker to develop their talk. If there is sufficient interest in a particular jurisdiction the speakers can be invited in a local meet up. This is part of the focus of TEDx but WikiTED can simply focus on the collaborative forum of letting "everyone" participate or curate.
John Mavridis
Posted over 6 years ago
Bruce Bueno de Mesquita: A prediction for the future of Iran
The speaker uses game theory and most of us use experience and intuition. I do not ignore someone's past and I add the usual motivators (power, money, sex, glory) in my own analysis; however, creating a model and a framework for analysis should be useful. I want a web tool where I add the info and get the results. What a great game... in theory.