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Hi, I am Nancy, a Chinese college student. I am a freshman this year in Ocean University of China, and I major in accounting, I joined an exchange program in my school so I will spend my sophomore and junior in America, University of Alabama, so recently I am preparing for my IELTS test. I do love English, I started learning it since my kindergarten and I am still moving on. I like to make friends with some foreigners, from whom I am always inspired! The first TED video I watched was recommanded by one of my foreign friend, TED helped me a lot, and so did my friend. Although I major in accounting, I am so interested in phychology and horoscope, by the way, I am Pisces. Also, I love Britain and Japan, I've been to Japan, so my next aim is Britain. I love France, I think it's charming, so recently I am also learning it. I am a contributor here, most of my works are for TED-Ed, that's my favourite part. If you want to contact me, please sent email to


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